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Victoria Uren's Research Interests

My current research has two main foci. Firstly, how people engage with scientific discussion on the web in social media. The aim is to try to understand what the public thinks about scientific discoveries and how this might affect the implemention of technological change in business and society. The approach is mainly quantitative, using metrics to analyse activity. Secondly, I am investigating the use of games and gaming in business and education.



Transforming the adoption of Product-Service Systems through innovations in applied gaming technology (2013-2018) a joint project with Aston Business School, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, University of Sheffield and the Serious Games Institute, Coventry University.

SmartProducts (2009-2011) was a Framework 7 project that develops the scientific and technological basis for building smart products with embedded "proactive knowledge". Smart products help customers, designers and workers deal with the ever increasing complexity and variety of modern products.

GrassPortal (2009-2011) was a JISC project in collaboration with RBG Kew and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics that will develop a web portal and visualisation tools to support biologist in bringing together herbarium records, phylogenetic data and ecology data about grass species.

X-Media (2006-2010) addressed the issue of knowledge management in complex distributed environments. It studied semantic techniques for knowledge management able to support sharing and reuse of knowledge that is distributed in different media (images, documents and data).

AKT was a project funded by the EPSRC and involving the collaboration of the OU, and the Universities of Southampton, Sheffield and Aberdeen. It did a lot of the foundational semantic knowledge management work in the UK.

DOT.KOM looked at applications of NLP in knowledge management.

ScholOnto This project built an online claim server for modelling the arguments in scholarly literature. Some of the ideas from Scholonto still live on in Cohere.

Research Supervision


Current PhD Students

Asma Jdaitawi, Title: Analysis of the role of social media in promoting resilience in post-disaster recovery context: the Syrian crisis. (Supervision team Oscar Rodriguez & myself)

Amara Cynthia Ajaegbu, Title: Big Data Strategy in supporting Servitization: A critical assessment. (Supervision team: myself and Andreas Schröder)

Former PhD Students

Priscilla Eseoghene Omonedo Title: Factors that influence the successful adoption of m-commerce via SIM enabled devices in a developing country. Successfully completed 2017. (Supervision team: Paul, Bocij, myself and Christopher Brewster)

Nikolaos Nanas Title: Towards Nootropia: a non-linear approach to adaptive document filtering. DBLP link for Nikolaos. Successfully completed 2004. (Supervision team: John Domingue, Anne De Roeck, and myself)

Andriy Nikolov Title: Fusing automatically extracted annotations for the semantic web. DBLP link for Andriy. Successfully completed 2010. (Supervision team: myself, Enrico Motta and Anne De Roeck)

Haiming Liu Topic: User interaction for content based information retrieval. DBLP link for Haiming. Successfully completed 2010. (Supervision team: Stefan Rüger, Dawei Song, Paul Mulholland and myself)

Vanessa Lopez Topic: Semantic question answering. DBLP link for Vanessa Successfully completed 2011. (Supervision team: Enrico Motta, Marta Sabou and myself)