Health Warning: The pages on this site are used as examples of different HTML coding practices for my module BN2234 IT and Web Development. As a result they may appear arcane, inconsistent or plain odd.


I am a lecturer at Aston University and a member of the Operations and Information Management group in Aston Business School. Our group has convergent interests in the use of information systems and analytics to make business operations more efficient and efffective.

I act as one of the Programme Directors of Degree Apprenticeship in Digital & Technology Solutions

Prior to this, I was a web researcher. I worked at the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University from 2001 to 2009, and then in the OAK Group in the Computer Science Department at the University of Sheffield.

My background is in chemistry and information science. I worked on the production of technical databases at The Welding Institute and the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre. In those roles, I came to realise the potential of well structured knowledge resources, but also the cost and difficulty of producing them manually. This lead me to undertake a PhD in text categorisation at Portsmouth University.

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